The Navigators are a handpicked family of specialist consultants – all with an impressive track record and depth of expertise in their field.

When you engage us, we build a bespoke team of Navigators with the range of skills that can uncover the insights, evidence or ideas needed to achieve your objective.


Director - AusTRALIA

A marketing and research consultant
with an eye for detail and a mind for
the big-picture.  Cecile has an international reputation for customer insight, solving tough business problems and providing clients with clarity of advice and certainty about what to do next.  She’s also an avid adventurer and traveller who knows exactly what to do if you stumble across an elephant or stand on a stingray.

DIRECTOR - New zealand

A passionate interpreter of words and numbers. Penny gets most excited when she can shed new light on big client problems. Both clever and committed, she is relentless in bringing clarity to complexity.  


A researcher, data scientist and entrepreneur with qualifications in cognitive psychology.  Dean’s perennially involved in helping organisations use evidence and insight to create better outcomes. He’s a little too fond of sport, enthusiastic about music but devoid of talent, doesn’t know much about art, but knows what he likes, is engaged and enraged by politics and cares more about his family than all of the above.

DIRECTOR - New Zealand

An insights and strategy consultant who loves drawing straight bright lines through big messy problems. Committed to connecting, curating and concocting.  As a long-time rock guitarist and groover on the dance floor, Matt knows a thing or two about entertaining a crowd.