We started this journey looking for ways to grow donor support for Plunket.  I was impressed at how quickly they absorbed a lot of detail about our [complex] organisation. Right off the bat The Navigators asked some really important questions that changed our thinking and the direction of our focus.  They understood the challenges and provided a simple, clear work plan that made it easy to bring internal stakeholders on board.

The Navigators were a real pleasure to work with.  They had a flexible approach and tailored the project to suit our needs. They led us through an insights process that allowed us to reflect on our purpose and to deeply understand how we were delivering value to the families we work with, our commercial partners and our donors. 

The brand and experience frameworks they used created a new way for us to see our purpose and to communicate and deliver experiences more aligned to who we are and who we aspire to be.

Their regular presentations were insightful and helped keep the wider team engaged throughout.

Beni Berryman
Marketing Manager